Yukiko Nishimura and Shun Emoto had a poster presentation at the ECRD 2018, respectively

2018.05.12 23:04

Yukiko Nishimura, the president of ASrid, and Shun Emoto, the researcher of ASrid, had poster presentations at the 9th ECRD 2018 (European Conference on Rare Diseases & Orphan Products), respectively

Title: Developing the roadmap for collaboration between patients and researchers about genome ELSI on clinical research and policy

Shun Emoto1), Go Yoshizawa2), Kei Kano2), Kunihiro Nishimura1), and Yukiko Nishimura1)
1)NPO ASrid, 2) Social Dialogue Skills Laboratory

Title: Conduct the QOL survey using J-RARE  - NANBYO Patients’ Data Platform led by patients

Yukiko Nishimura1), Shun Emoto1), Kunihiro Nishimura1), Masatoshi Iwasaki1), J-RARE patient organization groups1), Go Yoshizawa1) 2)  and Soichi Ogishima 1),3)
1)NPO ASrid and 2)  Osaka University, 3) Tohoku University

Date: May 10-12, 2018

Venue: Messe Wien Exhibition & Congress Center (Vienna, Austria)

ECRD Website: https://www.rare-diseases.eu/