ECRD 2020にてポスター発表(3件)を実施しました

2020.05.15 22:36

2020年5月14日から15日にかけて実施された、ECRD 2020 (European Conference on Rare Diseases & Orphan Products)にて、弊法人理事長西村由希子および研究員江本駿が、それぞれポスター発表を行いました。

1) Rare Disease Day Activity in Japan ~Social awareness campaign by various organizers

Yukiko NISHIMURA, Masatoshi IWASAKI, Shun EMOTO and RDD Japan Secretariat Office (NPO ASrid)

2) From research to practice: distal myopathy patients‘ HRQoL and their need for assistance and care

Go YOSHIZAWA, Shun EMOTO1, Yuki WAKAMIYA2, Yuriko ODA2 and Yukiko NISHIMURA1 (1NPO ASrid and 2lNPO PADM)

3) Patients’ impressions of a clinical study/clinical trial and factors contributing to the impressions: A questionnaire study

Shun EMOTO1, Kota NINOMIYA1, 2 and Yukiko NISHIMURA1 (1NPO ASrid, 2National Institute of Public Health)


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