ECRD 2016にてパネルセッションに登壇いたしました

2016.05.30 15:42

ECRD 2016 (The European Conference on Rare Diseases & Orphan Products)にて、弊法人西村由希子理事長がパネリストとして登壇いたしました。

0602 Rare diseases going global

Durhane Wong Rieger, President, CORD, Canada

We are at a new place, coordinating and building strength. How is this being transformed into making a difference at global, national and local levels? What are we contributing to? The discussion will be led by key players forming the rare disease eco-system today. The panellists will present the patient, research and industry perspectives and explore the synergies between all stakeholders towards the common goal of more research, more treatments and better quality of life for people living with rare diseases. Panel Discussion

    • Rare Diseases International- Kelly du Plessis, President, Rare Diseases South Africa, South Africa
    • IRDiRC- Paul Lasko, Scientific Director, CIHR Institute of Genetics, Former Chair IRDiRC, Canada
    • ICORD- John Forman, President of ICORD and former Executive Director, NZORD, New Zealand
    • IFPMA- Emmanuel Chantelot, Head of International Government Relations and Public Affairs, Shire, Belgium
    • Orphanet- Ana Rath, Director, Orphanet, France
    • NGO Committee for Rare Diseases, UN, NY- Anders Olauson,Founder and Chairman, Agrenska, Sweden
    • JPA/ASrid- Yukiko Nishimura, ASrid/Japan Patients Association, Japan