The 2nd RDD High School Summit was held.

2023.03.21 20:27

The 2nd National High School RDD Summit, organized by Osaka Meisei High School, took place. Approximately 90 participants, including high schools implementing RDD programs, nearby schools, and RDD stakeholders, gathered for the event.

The discussions among students were lively, focusing on topics such as "How can we make transplantation more accessible?" and "What can high school students do for patients and families with rare and difficult-to-treat diseases?" They shared their opinions and presented their findings from a unique high school student perspective. By exchanging ideas in their own words and deepening their understanding, they were able to foster empathy among their peers and stakeholders.

We extend our gratitude to the host, Osaka Meisei High School, and all the participants for their valuable contributions.

RDD Osaka Meisei Gakuen