Organized ODOD2019 workshop

2019.07.27 23:43

ASrid organized ODOD2019 (Open Discussion for Orphan Drug Discovery) workshop.

ODOD is a unique workshop for all stakeholders in Rare and Intractable diseases.

ODOD has started since 2008 and participants are from academic, industry, patients/families, Policy implementation organization/government, venture investors, healthcare professional/Hospital, etc.

We appreciate all attendees, and also great presenters from patients' and researchers' sides.

Speaker of ODOD2019:

・Eichi Ohmura: Patient with type 1 diabetes, Former Japan national team of aerobics

・Satomi Ohgi: Vice-president of central diabetes insipidus patient group

・Hideki Hanaoka: Illumina K.K.

・Akihiko Miyauchi: Dept. of Pediatrics, Jichi Medical University

・Mitsuru Honda: Center for iPS Cell Research and Application, Kyoto University

Venue: Conference Room Akihabara Eki-Mae