Invited lecture at Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Toxicology

2020.07.01 22:50

Yukiko Nishimura, the president of ASrid had invited a lecture at the 47th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Toxicology.

Workshop 7

Track 5 Active career of toxicologists : Expectations of what outsiders see through toxicologists

Chairs: Yukinori AMANO (JSOT Science and Publicity Commitee, Kowa Company. Ltd.)

Jihei NISHIMURA (Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency)

W7-1 Introduction Yukinori AMANO1, 2 1 JSOT Science and Publicity Commitee, 2 Kowa Company. Ltd.

W7-2 Toxicologists x Real World Evidence = ?? (from the perspective of pharmacovigilance) Motonobu SAKAGUCHI Global Patient Safety Evaluation Japan, Takeda Development Center Japan, Takeda Pharmaceutical Company

W7-3 Expectation from an investigator of early clinical trials Yuji KUMAGAI Kitasato Clinical Research Center

W7-4 Message from a hospital pharmacist Hirotaka KANZAKI1 , Kazuhiko YAMAJI1 , Takao KIMURA3 , Yasutomo HASHIZUME3 , Eriko TSUTSUMI3 , Makoto YAMAMOTO3 , Kyoko OGAWA3 , Seitaro TAHARA3 , Tetsuya TAKISHITA3 , Shigeki NISHIHARA2, Toshiaki SENDO2 1 Division of Medical Innovation and Sciences, Department of Pharmacy, Okayama University Hospital, 2 Department of Pharmacy, Okayama University Hospital, 3 KIMURA Information Technology Co., Ltd

W7-5 How can patients contribute to rare disease research and orphan drug development? -Current status of rare disease patients in Japan Yukiko NISHIMURA, Kunihiro NISHIMURA, Shun EMOTO NPO ASrid